Tuesday, June 21, 2016

one and only...

Niimie at Los Angeles airport. he did his best to make the Indian better and Cannonball ready and strolled off. how cool is that. best. teammate. ever.


Monday, June 20, 2016

they finally got what they wanted...

 off to Crystal Lake at 8:00 AM and it was already 90°F...


 all Niimie could tell was,  


 now shinya's turn.


10:05 AM. came back from the canyon and were delighted with the result :) can't wait to see  our Indian running in the Cannonball.

about 50 minuets later, the brush fire broke in Azusa canyon (ignited by a car crash) where we were. then an hour after that, another blaze (wild fire) erupted in adjacent canyon in Duarte (next to Azusa). it was moving very fast and the blaze had spread about 3,000 acres by 9 PM.



Sunday, June 19, 2016


though our Indian showed cloudless performance in 105°F, shinya and Niimie want to check the top end one more time :) at first, Niimie is removing carbon from the cylinder head.


and their ambitions escalate...



they did as much as they could and the Indian responded to it positively. we are all happy :) tomorrow will be hotter than today so we will go for the last test ride early in the morning.


more heat on the way...

Matt Machine is back to our sizzling workshop to work on his flathead, which he aired from Australia. just needed to reconnect the battery and some wiring, put back some oil, fuel, chains etc. that he had to take out to put it on a plane.


leave M and C alone in the workshop, shinya and Niimie are taking the 1915 Indian for another test ride.


outside temp was already over 105°F but it wouldn't stop them. in fact, we may have one or two hot days when we pass Arizona area during the cannonball. so we are lucky to be able to test in an extreme weather like this.


 we are stewed but the Indian runs consistently steady in the heat. way to go, Indian!


the heat made us hard to breathe but not the Indian.


 back to our workshop and Mattt Machine was in his final stretch of the maintenance.


 it's up and running!


congrats, mate!