Sunday, September 21, 2014

stage 16: in tacoma...

found this guy in Tacoma wearing our old t-shirts. turned out that he was the one who stopped by our workshop 5,6 years ago with his friend and we also have a mutual friend. he came down from Seattle just to say hello to us and kept us company while we were desperately waiting for niimie and the indian to arrive. thank you!


oh! they are coming! actually we had a call from niimie a bit earlier that he got to the final check point but still our hearts went thumpety thump. until we see him and the indian at the goal...


 #92 neracar!


 Texas pride, team Carson!


 i think i saw the black x yellow sweater...

i wanted to capture THE moment but i guess i got overly excited and this is what i got...


 right after the gooooooooool!!

yes! team 80 made it!


 seems like a lot happened...but it's all right!



in the meanwhile, the Seattle Cossacks motorcycle drill team began their performance.


we felt as if we were walking through a dream  and their performance took us further away from the reality... okay, this must be dream within a dream.

念願のゴールを果たしたとは言え実感がなく、何となく夢見心地でフワフワしていた我々。でも、このコザック隊のお陰で 完璧に「これは夢だ!」と確信。ものすごく不思議ワールドにいざなってくるコザック隊。夢、夢、ぜーんぶ夢。

to the parking lot but no more repair/maintenance. yes, this must be a dream.


stage 16: to Tacoma...

 the last stage will be starting soon.

with the ranking number 1 #35 HC from South Africa and his 1924 indian scout. so happy and very proud to see one of the indians perform solidly in the race.

現在1位のチーム35、南アフリカから参戦のHCと彼の1924年のインディアン スカウト。過酷なレースでインディアンが健闘している姿を見れてなぜか誇らしい気持ちになる。
team #16 RR's 1936 indian chief "acceptance".

 チーム16、RRの1936年 インディアン チーフ 「アクセプタンス」

yep, those three are in the same race. our indian does look like a bicycle here :)

CSS and PS

class I

Sunny(standing left of center in the picture) and Rin Tanaka came to cheer us from Japan and Calif.


niimie stirred himself and off to Tacoma. at this moment we all had confidence in our indian, at the same time, we knew that anything could happen to the 99-year old poor lady. shinya and i believed that in any circumstances niimie could manage it with sheer determination.



Saturday, September 20, 2014

day 15: the last night before the grand finish...

making a pushrod using a round bar that we got at a local hardware store earlier.


 making a spare pushrod just in case.


mind you, this is our very last maintenance night. tomorrow will be the day that we've been waiting for but we knew that we were somehow going to miss this marathon like event. it looked almost like torture from the outside but very addictive if you were in it.