Sunday, December 9, 2012

honda maniac...

just received a 1962 honda CB77. no, it's not for shinya it's for niimie. but who cares, his moto is our moto. wait a minute, '62 is shinya's birth year, maybe it's a surprise gift from niimie :)


these megaphone mufflers are so loud!


i know niimie is stamping his feet with frustration because we always get to ride his bike before him :D


man! someone was racing this bike!



Mac Guy said...

Wow! What an awesome bike. Very cool!

Mac Guy

menacing ayu said...

Mac Guy: yes! it's not mine but it still makes me happy to see it and ride a bit :)

jam'zgarage said...

ん~、オトナバイク!! a先生も、いいアングルを分かっていらっしゃる。 真後ろからの一枚は最高!  オトナのバイク乗りの第一歩です・・  続く・・。

Hairy Larry said...

Wonder if it has a racing cam and pistons? Sounds cool!

menacing ayu said...

Jam'zgarage: ワオ!オトナ〜 N美師匠に褒めてもらえるなんてうれちぃです。

Hairy Larry: don't know but it does sound great!